Duke offers resources that are helpful whether you are just starting your position at Duke or seeking your next career opportunity. If you have questions, email Molly Starback, Director of Duke Postdoctoral Services.


If you have a concern about discrimination or harassment, please Report the Incident.
If you have a concern about research misconduct, please Report the Incident.

New to Duke/Durham?
A list of area and campus resources for new postdoctoral appointees.

Duke Benefits and Services Available to Postdocs
As Duke staff members, postdocs are eligible for work/life balance, stress management, wellness, and entertainment benefits, many for free or at a reduced cost.

Duke Postdoc Buddy Program
With physical distancing measures in place, some of you are far away from family and home.  You may be thinking, “Who would know if I am sick?”, “Who could help me?”, or “Who can I just talk to?” To help, Duke Postdoctoral Services and DUPA  have established a buddy system to encourage connection between postdocs. If you are interested in having a buddy to talk to, or if you are interested in becoming a buddy to another postdoc, please participate in the Duke Postdoc Buddy Program. We will match pairs and connect you with each other. 

Emotional Support and Well-Being Resources for Postdocs
Consultation and support are available to members of the Duke community – including postdocs and their families – who are seeking assistance during this challenging time.

Duke Postdoctoral Services List of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources and Training
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion resources and training are available for all members of the Duke community, including postdocs, faculty, staff, and students . Postdocs can learn from the reading lists, and take action by attending trainings, and/or arranging departmental or group trainings in their home department or research group.

International Postdoc Resources
Resources for current and incoming international postdocs.

The Individual Development Plan (IDP)
The Individual Development Plan helps to establish good communication between postdocs and mentors: critical for a successful postdoc/PI relationship.

Professional Development Resources
Resources for the academic and non-academic job search, including skills identification and self-assessment; career exploration and job searching; CVs, resumes, cover letters; teaching, research and diversity statements; interviewing and negotiating; mentoring, lab management, and more.

Duke Postdoctoral Services YouTube Channel
On-demand videos of seminars on a variety of professional development topics.

Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction, and Legal Resources
Confidential and anonymous support and advocacy are available to Duke postdoctoral appointees in the event that they experience harassment or conflict with another member of the Duke community. Duke offers a range of stress management and mental health resources. A list of legal resources is also provided.

Research Integrity / Misconduct Resources
Duke University strives to foster an atmosphere of honesty and trust in which pursuit of knowledge can occur. Integrity of research forms the foundation of respect among scholars and students and between the academic world and the public. All members of the university community share responsibility for maintaining this climate of trust.

Grantwriting and Scientific Writing Resources
Resources at Duke and beyond to help you find funding, write grants, and improve scientific writing.

Teaching Resources
Interested in a career in teaching? Want to improve your pedagogical skills? Opportunties exist at Duke and in Durham to learn about teaching and build your teaching experience!

Continuing Education
Continuing Education resources at Duke and beyond.

Training and Skills Development Resources
Resources for Research, Technology and Statistical Training; Clinical Research/Regulatory Affairs; Project Management and Leadership.

Duke Disabilities Management Services (DMS)
DMS works with the University and University Health System to ensure an accessible, hospitable working and learning environment for people with disabilities.