Duke Postdoctoral Awards

The Office of Postdoctoral Services sponsors yearly awards to the Outstanding Postdoc and Outstanding Postdoc Mentor at Duke.

 See highlights from the 15th Annual Postdoctoberfest and presentation of the 2022 awards!

 The Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award recognizes that a good mentor serves not only as a teacher, but as an adviser, advocate, and role model to postdocs throughout their professional training. The Outstanding Postdoc Mentor serves as a model for the entire University and helps to promote a culture of mentoring at Duke.

The Outstanding Postdoc Award recognizes that postdocs are crucial to the research mission of Duke. This award honors those postdocs who are not only skilled researchers, but who serve as advisers, advocates and role models for other postdocs and students.

The Office of Postdoctoral Services also sponsors the Postdoctoral Awards for Professional Development, designed to support postdocs' professional development needs by providing reimbursement for activities that directly enhance the individual's professional growth.